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Yesterday - Shanice Wilson


Yesterday by Shanice Wilson

I know I shouldn't walk out this way
Sorry but my feelings have changed
I would only hurt you more if I stayed
So I can't go on pretending that I
Feel like I did yesterday, so
I can't stay
And keep living this lie
I finally found the strength to say goodbye
I'm on my way
Nothing can change my mind
I'm leaving behind what we had, yesterday
Know this
It's not about somebody else
Its not you
I just need sometime by myself
Thought it hurts me to see you go through this pain
Still I can't go on believing that I
Feel like I did yesterday,so
Throughout this time
I've realized
Been holding this in for too long
But I have to stay strong, can't turn back
I've been there for you, and now I must do
What I should have, yesterday