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Saving Forever For You Lyrics

Saving Forever For You by Shanice Wilson  

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Saving Forever For You I've never been so sure about anything before
But this loving feeling
Gonna be a feeling I feel forever more
Looking in your eyes
Tomorrow's all I see
As long as there's forever baby
I will always be...

Saving forever for you...ooh...baby
You are the only one
I'll ever give forever to
Lower the lights
I want to...ooh...baby
Wanna always stay together
So I'll be saving forever
For you

You'll be my world as long as
There's a world turning around
And you'll be my heaven, baby
Till the heavens all come falling down
Look inside my heart
Love is all you'll see
I'll loving you forever baby
Leave it just to me

Forever I'll be loving you
I'll be there as long as time passes by
All through it all
I'll be standing by you
Looking in your eyes
Tomorrow's all I see
Long as there's forever, baby
I will always be...
Needing you here with me


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