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Remember Lyrics

Remember by Shane Hebert  

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Remember Keep words of wisdom close
Keep your enemies further
I need you to remember
I mean what I say, say what I mean
I'll never give up [2x]
Just to ease the pain
I'll never give up

We lost our, We lost our hope [2x]

Keep your heart intact
Don't forget how it feels
To feel how it felt
To forgive and forget
'cause I don't wanna hear you say...

We lost our, We lost our hope [2x]

And I know you've got it in you
Got it in you now

We lost our, We lost our hope
Don't lose our, don't lose our hope, oh no

Lyrics and music written by Shane Hebert
Arranged and Composed by Shane Hebert
All Vocals and Instruments performed and recorded by Shane Hebert

Copyright © Shane Hebert 2004 All Rights Reserved
Unauthorized duplication and/or distribution is a violation of applicable laws

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