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The Island Lyrics

The Island by Shadows Land  

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The Island See the rain in my eyes
Hear the sound of the waves
Someone stands alone
Waiting in the storm
Give a cry, give a scream
Rise my hand, turn my head
When I look back there's no one
No one answers
Seems the end but I feel
Out there's a friend
He's an angel, he's a ghost
Turn away, he's lost

Solo: Andrew

There's a man who is waiting
There's a man who is lonely
The first night of the island
I'm not alone on the island

Solo: Andrew

Everytime there's a storm
Many shadows on the shore
But I can see the man is waiting
In the wind
Visions of stories, I see
Sounds like laughters, I hear
Screams of sadness, I feel
Oh no, he can't be me

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