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So what Lyrics by Sfa


So what by Sfa

We live in a world full of injustice and discrimination
Where people are sh*t but do you think I care
I see people struggling and fighting the system
To make the world better and I laugh when they fail

This is the world we made and I love it
Our world is dying so let's enjoy it
Rape recession invasions starvation discrimination
None of this means sh*t to me
Over a quarter of a million people died in the Persian Gulf War
I don't give a f**k, I didn't know any of them
I see people on the streets hungry and out of work
Well f**k them, I've got a job

If we're gonna have a war, let's have a real war
We've got all these nuclear weapons sitting around doing nothing; let's fire them off

Let's rape Mother Nature, Let's use all the world's oil
Leave nothing for the future because we won't be there
Let's have a blast as we burn down the forests
And poison the oceans, who really cares?

This world is ours, we can do what we want with it
If the world's gotta end, let's just do it
Abuse sickness drugs and degradation
None of this means sh*t to me
Killing animals for science is wrong
We should kill them for fun
f**k the dirty little animals
It's survival of the fittest and we won
Let's get rid of all the ugly trees and dump our sh*t in the oceans
Let's get the factories pumping out some real pollution
All this clean air is making me choke

And if the environmentalists don't like it, well, f**k 'em!
And f**k the peace punks, too! What the f**k is a "peace punk?"
That's a contradiction in terms
And f**k the feminists too
What are feminists?
They just want to be men
If they have penis envy then that's their problem

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. . .