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Addicted To Psychotropic Angeldust Lyrics

Addicted To Psychotropic Angeldust by Seth  

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Addicted To Psychotropic Angeldust Pretend to master the whole
Worlds and their dimensions.
Will to go through Time's rules
And to steal their secrets for ever …

Here is my accomplishment

Reduce human being to it's true value,
A pathetic tyrant without consciousness,
Who admires the horizon through the filter
Of a sick and useless god
Born from ashes of our civilisation …

Here is my accomplishment
At last, I feel calm,
Time reference is lost,
I'm escaping more and more from you,
And disappear in a cosmic coma,
Leaving behind me human absurdity.

Addicted to Psychotropik Angeldust

I am now reaching the point of no return,
Silence sound weakens me,
Carry me to those who understand and know,
That peace of mind is an ecstasy
Enjoyed by man only in death.

Addicted to Psychotropik Angeldust

I will never see you again !

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music