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We were made in a burning fire of love and passion are you happy now that everything fell


Apart every mistake that i have made with you haunts me every moment of my life just a picture of your undying beauty can bring me to my knees close the windows turn down the lights slit my throat and turn away it's time to forget everything time to sleep watch me as I light this match and set fire to these bridges I built I will burn down everything I ever had there will be nothing left the blood mixes with bitter tears these nights are hell hell is every night I am the only one I am everything you need I am your children's father I am all the love I am the other half I am the world I am heaven and now I am in hell

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Album: Parasite (2007) Lyrics
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  1. ...
  2. A Thosand And One Nights
  3. A Thousand And One Nights (Karaoke)
  4. A Thousand Shadows
  5. Ab In Den Süden (Live)
  6. Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni
  7. Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni (Gundam Seed Ending)
  8. Aufstehn!
  9. Aura
  10. Blowing Bubbles
  11. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
  12. Change
  13. Dancehall Caballeros
  14. Dickes B
  15. Double Soul
  16. Early Dawn
  17. Edge
  18. Emerald Green
  19. Fake Wings
  20. Fallin'
  21. Fire In The Morning
  22. Fire The Hidden
  23. Flower Lady And Her Assistant
  24. Goldmine
  25. Grosshirn
  26. In The Land Of The Twilight, Under The Moon
  27. Introduction
  28. Jackpot Girl
  29. Key Of The Twilight
  30. Kimi Ga Ita Monogatari
  31. Life Of Riley
  32. Life's Too Short
  33. Liminalty
  34. Love Is The Queen
  35. March Of The Flower Children
  36. Memories
  37. Mr. Farmer
  38. Music Monks
  39. Na Sauber
  40. New Dubby Conquerors
  41. No Where
  42. Now A Man
  43. Obsession
  44. Obsession (.Hack//Sign Opening)
  45. Out Of The Question
  46. Painted Doll
  47. Papa Noah
  48. Perfect
  49. Pressure
  50. Psychedelic Kingdom
  51. Pure
  52. Pushin' Too Hard
  53. Ready Or Not
  54. Release
  55. Respectness
  56. Riddim No. 1
  57. Sea Of Twilight (Series Ending Theme)
  58. Sensimilla
  59. Senya Ichiya
  60. Shake Baby Shake
  61. Six Dreams
  62. Sugar Coated Iceberg
  63. The Lightning Seeds
  64. Tide Is High
  65. Top Of The City
  66. Travel With Your Mind
  67. Twilight Sea
  68. Two Fingers Pointing On You
  69. Walk Upright
  70. Waterpompee
  71. Waterpumpee (Waanback2002)
  72. What You Deserve Is What You Get
  73. What You Say
  74. Where Flowers Fade
  75. Where Is The Entrance Way To Play
  76. Yasashii Yoake
  77. Your Legacy
  78. Baby, you make me wish i had three hands
  79. Good christians don't get jiggy with it 'til after marriage
  80. Good Christians Don't Get Jiggy With It Until After Marriage
  81. Honey, i've never had sex that wasn't awkward
  82. Before i die i'm gonna fuck me a fish
  83. Here, take this pill
  84. How to survive a vicious cock fight
  85. Paraphilia
  86. Just out of curiosity, are your parents siblings?
  87. 8 dead, 9 if you count the fetus
  88. Man-dude vs. dude-brah (where's the party at?)
  89. Let's Go Halvesies On A Bastard
  90. Let's go halvsies on a bastard
  91. A portable death ray and a sterile claw hammer
  92. Pogonatrophy
  93. Pogonotrophy: Part I The Hunter
  94. Pogonotrophy: Part II The Parasite


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