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Scribe Lyrics Scribe - Dreaming

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Scribe - Dreaming

by Scribe. Buy album CD: The Crusader

SCRIBE - Dreaming lyrics

I came a long way since back in the day
From a teenager trying to make it rapping this way
Ever since I was a kid, I had something to say
Rocking mic's was a dream, I didn't care about pay

I sacrificed late nights and going out with my friends
Just to stay home alone with my pad and my pen
Had my eyes on the prize, and my mind on my goal
As I carved these rhymes out, with my heart and my soul

I didn't have a cd, all I had was a tape
On the dole, through my flow was my only escape
From a world where they didn't want to see me prevail
Don't wanna see me take it all, they'd rather see me fail (it's like)

I was down and out
Wondered how I'm gonna make it through
I've got a dream
Holding on
Can't let go
'Cos I've got to make it come true

I've got a dream to make it big in New York
Gave up the drugs and alcohol, I didn't want to distort
My vision to be living life to the full
And I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for you

You picked me up every time that I fell
When I was going through hell
You told me I would prevail
You said I had exactly what it took to be great
That I was young and in the future what a man I would make

It's like you saw something in me I couldn't see
You said I would succeed and be anything I wanted to be
I'm 23 and I just want to be me, want to be free
Want to be everything I can be

But I don't have many choices I can't afford to be wrong
So all I do is try to stay true to the words in my song
Just don't hesitate and wait too long
'Cos like a dream when you wake up it's gone (it's gone)

I was down and out
Wondered how I'm gonna make it through
I've got a dream
Holding on
I won't let go
'Cos I've got to make it come true

It was a sunny day and we were feeling high
Jamming this song underneath a baby blue sky
Thinking back in the time when we were so poor
Remember the kids used to laugh at the clothes we wore

We always knew one day things were gonna change
And from that day I was never gonna be the same
I went to sleep that night and dreamt I touched the sky
And ever since I've been trying to keep my dream alive

So when you see the Scribe dropping the iller rhyme
Defining how I'm living mine in this day and time
I'm working 9 to 5, slaving over beats
It's hard work living the dream, I hardly ever sleep
I'm in the rhythm deep just trying to do my thing

It's funny when you're shining, people hate to see the gleam
No matter what they say keep on doing what you do
And don't give up 'cos only you can make the dream come true

CHORUS (repeat)

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