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Punk Rock Explained

by Screeching Weasel. Buy album CD: Other Songs I - S

You start out with a punk rock band just trying to have fun
Your lousy seven inch is not impressing anyone
You get you first show and you're ready to go when you're stopped by the firechief
Do not pass go do not collect your ten bucks gas money

But pretty soon you're playing almost constantly
You buy a crappy rusted out old van
You leave your mom's house happy to be on your own
And move in with the rest of your band

You get a record deal with a big label on the coast
You feel important as you eat your Ramen and your toast
Your money is spent and you can't pay the rent but you're having a gay old time
You don't have cash for food but you still get drunk every night

The local fanzines all start wanting interviews
And then you're in Maximum Rock n' Roll
Your record starts to sell and you get paid for it
But the fun's just starting now hit the road

The merchandise is selling out you're the talk of the scene
The profit margins far exceed your most orgasmic dreams
But touring feels wrong when they're shouting out songs or punching you in the mouth
The ones who don't want your autograph scream at you that you've sold out

You wonder why you ever got involved in this
You find yourself despising all your fans
Your appointments with accountants and your lawyers are
More important than the stupid punk band

You come out with a half assed record made too fast
You hate your band and they think you're a jerk
And suddenly you're not the hottest thing around
It's time for a career in spoken word

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Album: Other Songs I - S Lyrics
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  1. I don't wanna go down to the basement
  2. I don't wanna walk around with you
  3. I hate led zeppelin (demo version)
  4. I hate old folks (1986 demo)
  5. I love beer
  6. I need therapy (demo version)
  7. I wanna be a homosexual (original 1989 version)
  8. I wanna be naked (demo version)
  9. I Wanna Be With You Tonight
  10. I wanna be your boyfriend
  11. I was a high school psycopath
  12. I wrote holden caufield
  13. Intro to live show (march 20, 1993)
  14. Jeannie's got a problem with her uterus (1992 demo)
  15. Jonny r u weird
  16. Let's dance
  17. Listen to my heart
  18. Listen to my heat
  19. Loudmouth
  20. My right (demo version)
  21. Nightbreed (1994 version)
  22. Nothing matters (1986 demo)
  23. Oczy Tej Ma³Ej
  24. Oh my own
  25. Police Insantity
  26. Shirley's on methadone (1992 demo)
  27. Shut The Hell Up
  28. Slogans (original 1989 version)
  29. Someday (1989 demo)
  30. Squeaky clean (practice space version)
  31. Stuck out here
  32. Suspect device
  33. The prisoner
  34. Tightrope
  35. Today your love, tomorrow the world
  36. You Broke My
  37. You're the enemy (practice space version)
  38. Your name is tatooed on my heart
  39. Zombies
  40. 27 Things I Wanna Do
  41. Count to three
  42. Making You Cry
  43. Say no to authority
  44. Amy Saw Me Looking At Her Boobs
  45. Wanna die
  46. Can't Take It
  47. Guest List
  48. Society
  49. California sucks
  50. Chicago
  51. Your morality
  52. Dirty needles
  53. El Mozote
  54. I can see clearly
  55. Breaking point
  56. Fuck This
  57. I can't stand myself
  58. I Think We're Alone Now
  59. I Hate Old Folks
  60. My song
  61. Outside of you
  62. Something Wrong
  63. The Science of Myth
  64. High ambitions
  65. Lose The Dink
  66. This Bud's For Me
  67. We are the generation x
  68. Identity crisis
  69. March of the lawnmowers
  70. My Friends Are Getting Famous
  71. Teenage Freak Show
  72. Leave me alone
  73. My Own World
  74. The first day of winter
  75. Don't touch my car
  76. I fall to pieces
  77. Plastic bag
  78. Punk Rock Explained
  79. 7-11
  80. Celena
  81. I don't give a fuck
  82. Shut The Hell Up You Fucking Little Shit
  83. Cows
  84. I want to be with you tonight
  85. Only a test
  86. Radio Blast
  87. You Are My Sunshine
  88. The Girl Next Door
  89. Achtung
  90. Burn it down
  91. Wavin gerbs
  92. Judy Is A Punk
  93. Liar
  94. O.m.w.
  95. Clean cut asshole
  96. Now i wanna sniff some glue
  97. Havana Affair
  98. Raining needles
  99. Bpd
  100. Soap Opera


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