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Otherside Lyrics

Otherside by Screaming, Jets  

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Otherside Its a cloudy day and the sun is hiding.
I turn away to hide my pain.
Hold my head as my eye explodes nothing to say
No more heavy load n Im gone.
Tree sways in a summer breeze the branches whip me
And they make my skin bleed.
Draining life and a red river flows ocean of pain Why can't my love grow

With me.
Oh no it can't be true Ive seen the other side. The crystal man is back on

My phone calling me up To see if Im home.
Well Im home in heart and Im home in head. Sometimes I feel I'd be better

Off dead goodbye. Oh no it can't be true Ive seen the other side of you I

Don't need the pain, the pain of your lies. Push it away from me it eats
The air that I breathe.
Burning in this jaded light of a thousand dreams All covered in lies now I

Leave it all behind.
I saw time as a package of lies first you're born And then you die.
Take it fast or take it slow the good die young and the wise grow old.
Oh no it can't be true, cause I have seen the other side of you.
I don't kneed the paid the pain of your lies it's a losing game.
Gotta stay.
I can't go cause Im so scared of what I don't know. No No No I can't hide.
Gotta live I can't hide.
Gotta live I can't waste my life
Your broken dreams and your bleeding heart
They don't mean nothing to me at all.
I don't need this pain I know this has to be true Cause I have seen the

Other side of you.

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