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You Get Off On Me Lyrics

You Get Off On Me by Scott Henderson  

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You Get Off On Me Talk dirty but I won't listen - won't take your call
Do I know you honey - got my number off the wall
I ain't in business baby - why don't you call 9...0...0
You can ask me sweet - but the answer's no no no
Oh yeah, I know you - I know your name
You said you'd call me - so that's how you play the game
This ain't no social call - why call me at 2...A...M
Yeah I'm in bed baby - and the bedroom light is dim

You get off on me

It's an audio world honey - come hear my show
Am I wearing this or that - well I bet you'd like to know
Yeah I'm bored an' lonely - you know I need some... thin'... new
Let's do it but remember - it's for me not just for you

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