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Filthy / gorgeous Lyrics

Filthy / gorgeous by Scissor Sisters  

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Filthy / gorgeous When you're walkin' down the street
And the man tries to get your business
And the people that you meet
Want to open you up like Christmas
You gotta wrap your fuzzy in a big red bow
ain't no sum b**ch gonna treat me like a ho
I'm a classy honey kissy huggy lovey dovey ghetto princess

Cuz you're filthy Oooh, and I'm gorgeous
You're disgusting Oooh, and you're nasty
And you can grab me oooh, cuz you're nasty

When you're runnin' from a trick
And you trip on a hit of acid
You gotta work for the man
But your biggest moneymakers' flaccid
You gotta keep your sh*t together
With your feet on the ground
There ain't noone gonna listen
if you haven't made a sound
You're an acid junkie college flunky dirty puppy daddy bastard

Cuz you're filthy Oooh, and I'm gorgeous:||
You're disgusting Oooh, and you're nasty
And you can grab me oooh, cuz you're nasty

Extra Lyrics in the demo version, spoken by Ana Matronic.

Every day and every night the people they say to me, Ms. Ana thank you for the beautiful work that you be doin for our people, because everytime when you get out of your Corvette Stingray in your white pumps and your pink acid-washed jeans with the matching pink rabbit fur coat, we say "Ms. Thing, you got it going on, you is gorgeous!" and I say "I am so proud to serve you people, because I know that with my looks, I can acheive anything in this world. Yes, I got that Revlon contract, oh yes and thank you, I'll take the record contrat too, because you know what? I'm gorgeous! and my job with my gorgeousness is to serve the people, serve, and I serve some more... yes, thank you ladies and gentlemen for letting me do my beautiful work in beautifying this beautiful world that is already, already so pretty...

New York City ladies are blessed with the best dressed chests, don't mess their quest for the best breasts, confessed by the silicon mess. Sally walks the street, gotta meet with the freak for the sweet heat, skip a beat, til the next week, let's freak freak between the silk sheets sheets sheets sheets sheets sheets sheets sheets sheets...

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