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Rhapsody of the seas Lyrics

Rhapsody of the seas by School Boy Humor  

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Rhapsody of the seas I wasn't looking at the ocean this time
As we watched the waves eroding the shoreline
No, I was looking at the sparkles in her eyes
I was looking at an angel in disguise

But honestly this won't hurt me because
No one can get hurt when their
Pulse is dying and their
Heart stops beating
And honestly this can't kill me because
No one can be killed when their
Bones have broken and their
Heart stops working

I love you, I miss you, and I'm getting tired
They say "absence darkens heart and desire"
But we'll show them; take my hand because we know them
They're skeptics elected to make hearts reluctant

I wasn't looking at the setting sun this time
As we watched the full moon steal our night sky
No, all I wanted was to steal her heart; please surrender
I have a feeling we're the meaning of forever

Smile, because God gave you lips
Hurt, because God gave you a heart
He gave you, he gave me

... to make hearts reluctant
... to let go, I couldn't

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music