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Homies & thuggs ["the remix"] Lyrics

Homies & thuggs ["the remix"] by Scarface  

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Homies & thuggs ["the remix"] Verse 1:
Ghetto niggaz remain violent all the killers remain silent
niggaz strapped with 45's and ain't smiling
And I'm driving to a place they're all rome'
the lake we build houses but its the hood we call home
In the ghetto the only place a motherfucker will keep it real
we focused on the dollar bill, still
The outsiders tend to disrespect the place
where niggaz do thier struggling die with a straight face
Surviving, under conditions demons dinin'
you can run it but can't hide it so step aside
Its the nigga that makin' music for the streets
cause I love this motherfucker like pussy with no sheets,
cause its deep
Some niggaz make it out the neighborhood and won't circle
and let the money make them nervous, what's the purpose?
A motherfucker sitting on fat
Who done came up in the hood but he can't come back
Fuck that, I remain in the street game frame
on a mission to maintian me and take aim
In position to let my opposition know my life
cause off in these streets I keep it real but what's right?
Surviving, sitting on a key doing business on a beeper
I'm sinking in this motherfucker deeper
Fear the reaper that no man born or woman harm me
fuck being a nigga in your army

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