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Savoy Brown Lyrics

Savoy Brown List of Lyrics

Album: Boogie Brothers/Wire Fire (2008) Lyrics
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  1. Ooh What A Feeling
  2. Put Your Hands Together
  3. Always The
  4. Same
  5. You Don T Love Me
  6. Rock N Roll Star
  7. Threegy Blues
  8. Me And The Preacher
  9. My Love S Lying Down
  10. Can T Get On
Album: Live And Kickin' (2006) Lyrics
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Album: Savoy Brown - The Bottom Line Encore Collection (1999) Lyrics
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Album: The Blues Keep Me Holding On (1999) Lyrics
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Album: Live At The Record Plant (1998) Lyrics
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Album: Kings Of Boogie (1988) Lyrics
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Album: Rock 'n' Roll Warriors (1980) Lyrics
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Album: Savage Return (1977) Lyrics
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Album: Wire Fire (1974) Lyrics
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Album: Boogie Brothers (1973) Lyrics
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Album: Hellbound Train (1972) Lyrics
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Album: Jack The Toad (1972) Lyrics
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Album: Lion's Share (1972) Lyrics
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Album: Looking In (1970) Lyrics
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Album: Raw Sienna (1970) Lyrics
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Album: Street Corner Talking (1970) Lyrics
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Album: A Step Further (1969) Lyrics
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Album: Blue Matter (1969) Lyrics
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Album: Getting To The Point (1967) Lyrics
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Album: Shake Down (1966) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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  1. (hard time) believing in you
  2. 15 miles to go
  3. A Little More Wine
  4. A Man Alone
  5. Ain't no need to worry
  6. Ain't no sunshine
  7. Ain't superstititous
  8. All burned out
  9. Baby please change your mind
  10. Bad breaks (make me feel good)
  11. Bad girls (make me feel good)
  12. Bad intentions
  13. Bad shape
  14. Bad state of mind
  15. Boogie (hey hey mama)
  16. Breakin' up
  17. Can't find you
  18. Can't let you go
  19. Can't Take It With You
  20. Casting my spell
  21. Caught me in the saddle
  22. Cold hearted woman
  23. Coming down your way
  24. Cruisin' speed
  25. Doin' Fine
  26. Don't do it baby, do it
  27. Don't tell me i told you
  28. Don't tell me it's over
  29. Don't tell me nothing
  30. Don't turn me from your door
  31. Down all the days
  32. Endless sleep
  33. Feel like crying
  34. First night
  35. Flat out
  36. Georgie
  37. Get On Up And Do It
  38. Getting to the point
  39. Goin' down
  40. Good time lover
  41. Grits ain't groceries (all around the...
  42. Gypsy
  43. Headline news
  44. Heartbreaks make you strong
  45. High on your love
  46. High rise
  47. Hip shake
  48. Hold your fire
  49. Howling for my darling
  50. I can't find you
  51. I Can't Get Next To You
  52. I hate to see you go
  53. I smell trouble
  54. I want you to love me
  55. I'll Make Everything Alright
  56. I'm Alright Now
  57. I'm Crying
  58. I'm Tired
  59. I'm Tired/Where Am I
  60. If i want to
  61. Is that so
  62. It Hurts Me Too [live]
  63. It'll Make You Happy
  64. It's all my fault
  65. Just Cos' You Got The Blues Don't Mean You
  66. Just for kicks
  67. Keep on rollin'
  68. Kings of boogie
  69. Lay back in the arms of someone
  70. Leavin' Again
  71. Let it ride
  72. Let It Rock
  73. Let me be your driver
  74. Let me love you baby
  75. Life's One Act Play
  76. Limousine boogie (hey hey mama)
  77. Little red rooster
  78. Little wheel
  79. Looking from the outside
  80. Looking out
  81. Master hare
  82. May Be Wrong [live]
  83. Mean business
  84. Meat shaking woman
  85. Medley: i'm tired/hard way to go/louisiana
  86. Memory pain
  87. Memphis last night
  88. Misery
  89. Mississippi steamboat
  90. Money Can't Save Your Soul
  91. Mr. brown's boogie
  92. My lover's lying down
  93. My own man
  94. No win love
  95. Nobody's perfect
  96. Nothing but the blues
  97. On the prowl
  98. Pack it up
  99. Pain of love
  100. Part Time Lady
  101. Play it right
  102. Pretty woman
  103. Raise some thunder
  104. Real fine woman
  105. Ride on babe
  106. Rock & roll star
  107. Rock it roll man
  108. Rock me baby
  109. Romanoff
  110. Run to me
  111. Runnin' with a bad crowd
  112. The saddest feeling
  113. Savoy brown boogie no. 2
  114. Savoy brown boogie [live/medley]
  115. Shake 'em on down
  116. Shake for me
  117. Shake it all night
  118. She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On
  119. She's leaving
  120. She's The One
  121. Since you've been gone
  122. Sitting an' thinking
  123. Skin 'n' bone
  124. So Tired
  125. Some people
  126. Someday people
  127. Spirit high
  128. Strange dream
  129. Sunday night
  130. Sweet loving thing
  131. Taste And Try, Before You Buy
  132. That same feelin'
  133. That's all i want baby
  134. That's what love will do
  135. The blues keep me holding on
  136. The doormouse rides the rails
  137. The incredible gnome meets jaxman
  138. This could be the night
  139. This Day Is Gonna Be Our Last
  140. Tolling Bells
  141. Too much of a good thing
  142. Until the sky fades away
  143. Vicksburg blues
  144. Waiting in the bamboo grove
  145. Walk before you run
  146. Walkin' and talkin'
  147. When It Rains
  148. When you've got a good friend
  149. Worried man
  150. Yesterdays blues
  151. You don't love me (you don't care)
  152. You need love
  153. You're in for a big suprise
  154. Stranger Blues
  155. I Tried
  156. Louisiana Blues
  157. A hard way to go
  158. Louisiana Blues [live]