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Say Please Lyrics by Saving Jane


Say Please by Saving Jane

Well I cried out my eyes
The night that you left
And I begged for a sinners reprieve

And I'll never forget
The shame that I felt
When you loosened my grip on your sleeve

You said 'Baby you didn't
Do anything wrong
There's just something that I have to see'

And I said 'I'll never
Forgive you for this
Not even if you say please'

I wanna hear you say please,
Baby, please, Baby,
I'm stupid, I was wrong
And you knew it all along,
So get down on your knees,
Baby swallow up your pride,
You know it wouldn't hurt to cry
And say please...

After you left,
You know it took me a while
To get myself up off the ground

It was maybe a month
Before they got me to smile
Baby I've never been so down

I know you think
That I'm just being mean
And you're right 'cause I'm still mad at you

So if you want back
In my graces tonight
Well there's just one thing you gotta do


And let me hear you say please

You must have thought I was clay in your hands
That I needed the strength of your two legs to stand
Well baby, guess what,
I'm standing just fine,
Turns out I've got a little steel in my spine