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Steve Polychronopolous Lyrics

Steve Polychronopolous by Sandler Adam  

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Steve Polychronopolous I'm a big f**kin' dick
I'm a pain in your ass
I drink all your beer
I'll eat the last slice
I'll give you charley horses
I'll pull your shorts down at the beach
I always need a ride
Nobody likes me
My name's Steve Motherf**king Polychronopolous
I spit when I talk
I swear in front of your mother
I throw sh*t at the movies
I wear tight pants
I ask you to buy an extra Yankee ticket
And then I don't show
I tell you I saw your girlfriend
f**king two guys at a party
'Cause my name's Steve Motherf**king Polychronopolous
I'll p**s on your toilet seat and tell your dad you got stoned
I'll borrow your jacket and never think of returning it
sh*t for brains
I'll leave your gate open
So your dog runs away
I'll make fun of your pimple
Then I'll grab your sister's ass
'Cause my name's Steve Motherf**king Polychronopolous
And I don't care
And I don't give a sh*t
I'll break your brother's stereo
And then tell him it was you
You think you're better than me
Well you're f**king wrong
Everybody knows I'm Steve Motherf**king Polychronopolous
Deal with it

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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