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I Love You Both Lyrics

I Love You Both by Sam Salter  

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I Love You Both It came unexpected
The birth of your child
How you've been forced to provide a way for you and your baby
You go to work from 9 to 5
Your're up at night when the baby cries
Girl I don't care why he left you
All I know is I love you and your child

[Hook x2]
I love you both
I'll turn this house into a home
I love you both
Your not in this alone
I love you both
Let me be the man he couldn't be
I love you both
Girl you need to get with me

The baby has your eyes
And the baby has your smile
So how can I not love you both
I need you in my life
I'll never walk away from you
I'm here to help you see this through
What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
Girl take it all cause I love you and your child


I want you to know
I love faithfully
I wanna share my life with you and your baby
If you want (If you didn't know right now)
(I want you to know)


We're a family[x2]
We're a family (I may be only 18 years old)
We're a family (But I know about love)
We're a family[x4]

[Hook] to fade

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