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Loser Lyrics

Loser by Sahlene  

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Loser We met at the bus stop
He said hey, it's been a while
Now what have you been up to?
I said I'm just working all the time
So, have you met
Somebody new?
He asked me with a smile
And I don't understand
How he could be that cruel
I said, nothing serious have you?

Does he wanna make me feel
Like a complete loser?

It's been a while
It's been some time
You're the reason I still cry
So many nights
With so many fights
It's all you left behind
I gotta move on
Got to be strong
I didn't want to let you go

A silly excuse got me away at last
I wished that I was dead
The shame was burning
Inside of me
A thousand thoughts in my head
Why now, why here
What I most of all fear?
Shit, I'm already late
I rushed away to catch the last train
Ignoring all my pain


I don't want to be reminded of you
And I know I'm much too easy
To see through
I wish me happiness
And nothing more of you


Does he wanna make me feel
Like a complete loser?

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