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X Plicit Lyrics

X Plicit by Sagisu Shiro  

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X Plicit "What the f**k,nigga!?
Hell,man! what the f**k you doin',muthaf**ka!?
What!? You's a crazy-assed muthaf**ka!!
The f**kin' b**ch is in the f**kin' bed dying',muthaf**ka!!
An' you's f**kin' beatin' your f**kin' b**ch like a b**ch!!
What the f**k is going on,muthaf**ka!?
Please! You better f**kin' recognise! Hell,yeah!
You sorry-assed muthaf**ka!!
Please! Hell,muthaf**ka an' me step to me right now!

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music