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Shadowed Lyrics by Sacha Sacket


Shadowed by Sacha Sacket

Where you going
Looking just like death?
The party's begging
To hear my baby's breath

It's just coke and some rum and
Besides it's only one
It's their golden year boy
We have to drink to love

When one turns three and four
It's 'cause we knew that before
I know you've been through a lot
But I've really been through more
A long day's journey
To get through these nights
You've grown weary
Of my Jekyl and my Hyde

Smash bottles that you find
Listen till your blind
Scratch and scream and cry
I just can't catch that light

Save yourself. Save yourself.

Can you clean this mess
My boy's stuck to me and
I'm a sinking ship
He's the saddest thing I know
Has no friends or foes
Why are both our souls
So Shadowed?

Save yourself. Save yourself.
Save yourself. Save yourself.