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Royce Da 5'9'' Lyrics Nickel Nine

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Nickel Nine

by Royce Da 5'9''. Buy album CD: Other Songs 0 - NI

[Intro: Royce]
Uhh-uhh uhh uhh, yeah homeboy
Two gangstas, whattup Smut Peddlers?
My man Milo, yeah yeah yeah
Whattup Ruckus? We gangstas, yeah
Niggaz don't know me, call me heat
That's all you know is these verses, these names
Nigga nigga nigga
Nickel Nine is - me, not, them
This is - him, not, they
Royce, Reef, double, R
Beef is close but trouble's, far
Nickel Nine is what the rhyme is
I put my time in, nigga Nickel Nine is
Uhh uhh - me, not, them
This is - him, not, they
Yo, he is.
[Royce Da 5'9"]
The reason why the funds is dizzy
Money continuously spendin, round and around like a frisbee
My runs is sticky from, the second-hand smoke
From outta the guns they busy, EHH-EHH-EHH-EHH come get me
He is - quick on the draw, same nine
That I used when he thought I copped it and popped it at the same time
Shit, carry tools, you gotta
The streets is over-populated with niggaz who cheap, like Andrew Goulatta
Royce and Reef, double R
When the gutterest beefs meet with the troubled bar it's nothin but heat
Niggaz I'm in and outta this booth, like Clark Kent for the youth
Flyin with the NARC proof tint for the Coupe
Niggaz be trippin a lot, so I keep the longest clip in a lock
Hit you while you loadin the clip in the glock
Like BLAOW! No life, no breath
The only games I play is "Umi Says" like Mos Def (nigga)
[Royce Da 5'9"]
Over-protected, heed the poet's connections
When it goes in effect the only thing froze is the necklace
That's it, keep the gat by me, I'm that rowdy
So none of you's can see me like Jack Ponty
None of you niggaz bad as me, I got a Mobb
And we Deep like Hav'

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