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Hey Sonny (Where'd You Go?) Lyrics

Hey Sonny (Where'd You Go?) by Royal Crown Revue  

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Hey Sonny (Where'd You Go?) Hey Sonny, where'd ya go?
The gentleman con, we just wanna know
A king among men, we all would shout
But Cassius got ya in the ring and knocked you out
Hey Sonny, where ya been?
What about Vegas with a fifth of gin?
Leanin' on the angles for a bit of green
Shadowing the underground where you ain't seen

Hey Sonny, where'd ya go?

Hey Sonny, don't ya get me wrong
You're a real champion, and you're mighty strong
But you kept us guessing with your gangster ways
And that's why I'm asking questions 'til this day

Hey Sonny, where'd ya go?

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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