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From Here To Eternity Lyrics by Rough Silk


From Here To Eternity by Rough Silk

Something's evil - in my mind
Satisfaction - left behind
Words unspoken - driven blind
I've been searching' - (you'll) never find
Darkness rising - blackened sun
Painted traces - on the run
Loosers - winners - long time done
You're the trigger - I#m the gun!!!
So time will rise and time will fade
A fool once wise beyond the blade
If you don't get payed - you don't get layed!!!
A skeleton once free
Tomorrow to see
The lost destiny
From here to eternity
Me - a reason to be
Burning the key
From here to eternity
Silent voices - calling you
Violent voices - sad but true
Sounds of madness - hurt in vain
Praise your sadness - (in the) falling rain
So time will rise and time fill fade....
A skeleton once free....
Don't hear - don't see
Don't move - don't be
Don't care - don't go
Don't try don't know
Don't sleep - don't cry
Don't leave - don't buy
Don't fear yourself
The clock strikes twelve!!!!
A skeleton once free....
From here to eternity