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Across The Sea Of Souls Lyrics

Across The Sea Of Souls by Ronny Munroe  

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Across The Sea Of Souls Years now have passed I'll never get them back mistakes that I have made come back to haunt me
I've let a trail of tears for that I am regretful I'm sorry for the fears that I've created

Across the sea of souls she awaits me
Across the sea of souls it's going to take me
No use pretending this is the ending
The call s so strong, across the sea the sea of souls
Pride is not a game I've learned my lesson well
There's always one to blame, and then, forgiveness
I've always been the one to say that I don't need you
Believe me in the end I've been alone

In memory relieve me from these shadows of my
Forgive me, protect them, let them all be put to rest

Promises are made many have been broken, I swear
Upon this day I'll keep them all

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