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The Way Home Lyrics by Ronnie Day


The Way Home by Ronnie Day

The time has come, now,
to say goodbye,
so I will calm down
and do it right.
You might not know about me, but
I hope you can see I’m happy.
I am gone now.
I’ve closed up shop.
Help me live on, though,
if I’m forgotten.
The lights are dim.
I am giving in.
I am on my way home,
but I travel light
because I know tonight
it won’t be that cold.
I know it won’t be that cold.
I’ve said goodbye to solid things,
though overrated, it still stings
to let them go,
but now I must let them go.
Maybe I can be yours
and you can be mine
in some other time,
and I can stay yours
and you can stay mine
in this other time.
I am so at peace now,
you could break me into pieces
and I wouldn’t cry.
I am so at peace in saying goodbye