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She Has a Thing Lyrics

She Has a Thing by Romanovsky and Phillips  

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She Has a Thing
She has a thing for men who love men
They just want to be her friend
She has a thing for men who love men
She falls in love with them
Her closest friend in high school
Stole her heart away
The damage was already done
When she found out he was gay
She tried to understand
That it would never work
She felt like she'd been deceived
And he felt like a jerk
Her oldest friend in college
Came out to her one day
But neither of them listened
To a word he had to say
They put away his fantasies
And shut the closet door
His lips said I love you
But his eyes said I need more
And she doesn't understand
Why she thinks she needs a man
And nobody knows just why
She can never find a guy
One day she met a woman
Who asked her for a date
She had no time to refuse
Or to explain that she was straight
Courted like a schoolgirl
Treated equal like a friend
She finally found the love
That she'd been looking for in men
And now she understands
That she doesn't need a man
And nobody knows just why
She's not looking for a guy

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