Trapped in the closet chapter 3 Lyrics

R. Kelly Lyrics Trapped in the closet chapter 3

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Trapped in the closet chapter 3

by R. Kelly. Buy album CD: Tp.3 Reloaded


Here we are, the four of us
In total shock, me and her
I close ma mouth and swallow spit
Cuz im thinkin to myself
This is some deep shit
Then I says, "So u gon' tell me he's
the one u been talkin to"
He says Yes, I says No
He says Yes, I says No
He says is the truth!

I yell, "All of y'all ass is crazy,
let me up out this door, because
this is way more than i bargain for
And then she says, "Wait, im sure
we can all fix this".
And then i say, "Im late, plus i aint
got a damn thing to do wit this!"
And the she said, "But wouldn't u like
to know jus how it all begin"
Then i thought to myself and said,
"Quick, u got 3 minutes!"

And then i got real quiet
I say, "Somebody start talkin"
Then she said, "My god Rufus,
i've got jus one question, how could
you do something like this, im so hurt!!"
He looked at her and said, "Bitch, please
u've got ur nerves, with all ur club hoppin,
lieing saying you were shoppin, and now
here you are in our home and u calling me wrong"
She said, "Ok you busted me and that much
i agree, u've caught me cheating but this
is a little extreme"

He said, "You are my wife, sleeping
behind my back, and now i come home
and then you got him in the closet,
how extreme is that"
She says, "But she's a he"
The he said, "Please, you can't judge me"
She says, "Rufus this is crazy!"
Then i said, "Stop argueing!! I did not stay
here to hear y'all chew each other out, so
get to the point or i swear im out!"
"Excuse me please but i think i can explain
what's going on in here. My name is Chuck,
and i've been knowin Rufus bout a year, and
err night creeping around with him has
been a living hell, sneakin in and out of hotels"

I said, "Brother, spare me the details"
Then Rufus said, "Chuck, please don't say
nothing else"
And then she screams, "Rufus, you son of a
And he says, "Kathy, go to hell!!"
I said, "I thought your name was Mary,
that's what you said at the party"
Man this is getting scary, i'mna shoot somebody
Then Rufus start yelling and screaming saying,
"Kathy this is all your fault!!"

She throws a pillow at him and says
"You was creeping too, the only difference
is you didn't get caught"
Chuck screamed out, "WE'RE IN LOVE!!"
Kathy says, "Love my ass!!"
Rufus said they getting married, then i
shoot one in the air
Then i said, "Not another one of you sons of
bitches say a word, cuz all of this shit that
im going through is unheard"
Grabbed my c-ullar', saying, "This is so wrong!"
Call up my home, and a man picks up the phone
(Phone, phone, phone)

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Album: Tp.3 Reloaded (2005) Lyrics
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