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Ooh! My Head - Ritchie Family


Ooh! My Head by Ritchie Family

Ooh! My Head Trk 6 Disc 1 1:46
Ritchie Valens
(R. Valens)
Recorded: November 25, 1958, Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA
Sessions by Bob Keane and Rene Hall
Released on 'Richie Valens', DFLP 1201 Feb 1959
Richie - vocal & guitar, Rene Hall - electric guitar.
(The Great) Earl Palmer - drums, Buddy Clark - standup bass.
Well, hey-now-now, baby
Let's just go all night long
Well, on-on-on-on, darlin'
I just want you to go on more
There won't be no Tutti Frutti
No, not at home
Come on baby, just rock-rock-rock
Well, now-now-now-now, honey
We gonna rock all night
Well, babe-babe-babe-babe-baby
We just gonna go fine
Well, on-on-on-on, darlin'
Ooo! my head
Well, Boney Maronie, Peggy Sue, they
Ain't gonna be around no mo'
Go on now get a little darlin'
We just gonna party some more
Well, I'll, I love you, darlin'
Ooo! my head
Now, let's go
(guitars - Rene, Ritchie & instrumental)
Well, now-now-now-now, baby
Keep me rockin' all alone
Well, I just adore her
Oh, just all night long
Well, now
Ooo! my head
(bass guitar and drums to end)
'Alright, wail!'
'Rock it, now'
'Come on'
My head is tired.