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Sweet Contradictions Lyrics

Sweet Contradictions by Rissi Palmer  

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Sweet Contradictions I like his smile
But I see the devil in his eyes
He talk the talk
And I can read the between the lines
I like the way he feels
When he holds me in his arms
But there’s a voice inside me sayin’
Girl don’t go too far
Oh these sweet contradictions
Tearin’ me apart
Do I listen to my mind
Or do I listen to my heart
Or do I state my convictions
Or look the other way
What’s the price I’ll have to pay
Oh I’ll be strong though I’ll give
I’ll be good ? again
All these sweet contradictions

He’s the kinda man my momma warned me about
I know he’s trouble
That ain’t hard to figure out
He’s got something that just does it for me
I know I should be runnin’
But I don’t wanna leave


There’s a battle goin’ on
Am I right or am I wrong
Do I push my fears aside
And take a chance tonight


Sweet contradictions
Oh yeah
Sweet contradictions
Sweet contradiction yeah
Mmhm mm mm yeah
Sweet contradictions yeah

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