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Homophile Necrophilia Lyrics

Homophile Necrophilia by Rigor Sardonicous  

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Homophile Necrophilia Stiffened Flesh, Decrepit Death
Latent subcast of life
Subjective Lust, Orgasmic burst
Love first sight, newfound Partner
Risen member, Stiffened partner
Thy love looks Pale and Tired
Heart now races, Pupils widen
Hail for position-Oral Ecstasy

Onward Thrust, surplus Lust
Atop the beautiful Love
Holding close, Lasting prose
Hail for position-Breack Lust
Writhing Torso, Foreplay game
Tearing as I Ride
Shower of Love, born to Decay
Now I colonize...

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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