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I Wanna Be Lovedrn Lyrics

I Wanna Be Lovedrn by Ricky Nelson  

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I Wanna Be Lovedrn I GOT A FEELING
Ricky Nelson

Well I've got a feeling
That I'm gonna get you
Say I've got a little feeling
That it won't be long
Till I hold you in my arms and, baby,
that's where you belong
Well I've got a feeling
That you think about me
Well I've got a little feeling
and I hope it's true
'Cause nobody else could want you so
and love you like I do

Well I got a feeling
That our love was meant to be
And there's a whole wild world of happiness
Just waitin' for you and me
So why don't you tell me
That you love me only
'Cause I got a feeling
that you really do
And I never had this feeling
Till I fell in love with you

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