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Under The Spell Of The Mist Lyrics by Rhymes Of Destruction


Under The Spell Of The Mist by Rhymes Of Destruction

Darkified mist runs over the land
I lie down with my face in the sand
The sun or the truth I cannot see
My soul is lost and will forever be
But suddendly I see a striking fight
The blackened mist turns whiter than white
A blue-red fire burns the illness around me
The Pagan land burns as far as I can see
No living but I can see the light
It screams to me: stand and fight
Take your sword and save your blood
You will fight alone, there was never a god
My body thrills as I stand the dark
The goldfish in my has never become a shark
The fire is gone but I still burn
Finally I can see so I start to run
The darkified mist seems to fear
The hate and the pain I can bear
A whisper I say becomes a shout, "Pay for my
Blood" screams the mist very loud
The earth will burn when I'll arrive
I am dignant of the light, my will is alive
Rewinning my soul is what I will do
I kill without remorse, I have a memory too!