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Sittin' Back Lyrics by RES


Sittin' Back by RES

Sittin' back in the cut
Looking fine
Look at that nigga
What the shit is mine
So they call us stars
I guess not all of us are chosen
I drive a car with the top back
Cause my vanity's my token
Now all this talkin' ain't my style
About some responsibilities
Like this here nation is my child
Like it's direct humility
You talkin' 'bout white children
Who kill their parents before school
But I'm talkin' pimped out Lexus' with rims black
So when I drive by I look cool
Goodness the President's human
And you're all hypocrits
I think I'm jaded, make a sport of it
Now as I am numb now to the shit
I just wanna blow up
Then baby who knows who'll win the game
When I close my eyes it all looks the same
I don't wanna know nobody's name
''cause I'm going for the dough when I go for game
''cause I'm going for... that's why