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Extinct By Evolution Lyrics by Requiem


Extinct By Evolution by Requiem

Long life is just slow death
Trying to survive
When you take that last breath
You might ask why

Seems to be that all mankind
Is soon to die
For those that are left behind
We all should cry, we all should cry

We're just victims of our progress
Or is it fate
On the path leading to success
It's life we hate

Take what we can before it's gone
Make it bleed
Get it now, it can't last (that) long
On life we feed, feed, feed, feed...
Extinct by evolution, extinct by evolution,
Extinct by evolution, extinct by evolution

Progress - Distress
Evolution - Destolution
Aggression - Suppression
Extinct by evolution

Priceless - Senseless
Recreation - Exploitation
Information - Contamination
Extinct by evolution

We all should cry, soon we must die

One thing sure, it will all end
It might be soon
So don't slow down, keep in trend
Still got the moon

Having to move won't be all bad
Time's running out
A second chance will be all we've had
Without a doubt