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Way Deep Down Inside Lyrics

Way Deep Down Inside by Reisa L. Gerber  

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Way Deep Down Inside Way Deep Down Inside

They call me the five minute manager, baby-
Yes, he can seed me way deep down inside-
And if you "cut across the sidelines,
And yap right up his butt,"
He'll turn that glasy rock invasion
Into patient sass, blackmail,
Yes, he'll turn that classy rock invasion
Into patient sass, blackmail-
They play that relaxation tape
Again and again-
And when it came to the COLORS, man,
They jumped right into bed
(Let's do it!!!!!)
They went to sleep and made themselves
So crazy,
It's a doubleblind,
Roulette and dice came rollin' in!
"I'm out two bucks", said mama kin!
Roulette and dice came rollin' in!
"I'm out two bucks!", said mama kin!
She's got the field like such
Sweet cream,
She'll slip it in with her magic beam,
But notice how the deal contains
A catch within it's finer print!
That chart is a legal document!

Today material goods are hot!
That's what matters, more than not!
Psychiatric treatment
Quality of life,
The woman don't know this
When you've got them on the line!

Funny, but.....sad...like the lonliest
I'd like to submit this to Lyred.com.....

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