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Wallflower Lyrics

Wallflower by Reisa L. Gerber  

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Wallflower Wallflower

Wallflower, sweetheart, yellow and green,
One of the leaves on the tree, yeah,
They pick the other leaf,
With its outageous design,
Is it any wonder you give those pickers,
They picked HER! Such a hard time...
Wallflower, sweetheart,
You got to let go,
Those "who picked her" have their need.
Still it hurts the heart of the sunflower seed,
To see the life of the African violet
Being thrown out, like a weed.

Wallflower, sweetheart, you're so sad.
I know you wish you could fly, too,
This is the pathway you've chosen,
Take your own pathway to the sky.

Wallflower, sweetheart, yellow and green,
Appreciate the beauty of that outrageous leaf,
It's class act design is incredibly sweet,
So, Wallflower, sweetheart, let's say, let's say,
You're incredibly exquisite!
In your own special way!


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