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They're Reading My Mind Lyrics

They're Reading My Mind by Reisa L. Gerber  

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They're Reading My Mind They're Reading My Mind

I don't watch television,
Don't listen to the radio-
I don't read the New York Times
They'll bug my mind, I know!

They're reading my mind,
I know they are!
They'll tune me in from near and far
And then they'll voice it on the air!
They know my secrets everywhere!

I can't do a single thing
Without the country tuning in!
They'll broadcast over satellite
They even know my dreams at night!


I mostly stay at home now,
I don't go out and show my face
I stay inside, I have to hide!
I'm just a basket case!


Ridiculous play on parapsychology, but.....
"I'm the eye in the sky
Looking at you!
I can read your mind"....Blue Oyster Cult....
is older than me! so....

Reisa L. Gerber

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