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The Only One - Reisa L. Gerber


The Only One by Reisa L. Gerber

The Only One
Woke up this morning, missing you,
Remembering the soft touch,
Of your body close to mine-
Woke up this morninf kissing you
Wanting you so much, and,
Feeling that old desire!
Could you please come back, come back,
Because I need you
Like the flowers need the sun-
I can't go on, no, no, because-
There's a lack-
You have always been the only one-
Put my slippers and my robe on,
Stumble toth kitchen,
Drink my coffee down
Just clouds in my coffee, mama!
Really has it been so long-
You know my morning "Bitchin'"
How I'd kiss you as you left for town-
Oh, what do you do, sweet boy
Take a shower, make the bed, and
Go through all the motions-
See my face in the mirror as I brush my
Hair, brush my hair!
I realize it's all been said
So much for cooled emotions
Baby, I can't hide the pain that I see