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The Only One Lyrics by Reisa L. Gerber


The Only One by Reisa L. Gerber

The Only One
Woke up this morning, missing you,
Remembering the soft touch,
Of your body close to mine-
Woke up this morninf kissing you
Wanting you so much, and,
Feeling that old desire!
Could you please come back, come back,
Because I need you
Like the flowers need the sun-
I can't go on, no, no, because-
There's a lack-
You have always been the only one-
Put my slippers and my robe on,
Stumble toth kitchen,
Drink my coffee down
Just clouds in my coffee, mama!
Really has it been so long-
You know my morning "Bitchin'"
How I'd kiss you as you left for town-
Oh, what do you do, sweet boy
Take a shower, make the bed, and
Go through all the motions-
See my face in the mirror as I brush my
Hair, brush my hair!
I realize it's all been said
So much for cooled emotions
Baby, I can't hide the pain that I see