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She Knows What She Picks Lyrics

She Knows What She Picks by Reisa L. Gerber  

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She Knows What She Picks She's telling everyone, "You've got to say yes!"
She'll push you
The she'll ask how she got into this mess!
She'll telll you what she's thinking,
Just to get it off her chest,
She's egotistical,
She thinks she's the best!

She's the only one you will deny,
The only one you "Nix"
On the bias of the sky,
She knows what she picks!

Maybe you're jaded with some prejudice,
Sadly cynical tothings she'll profess,
But to keep all doors open,
Please give her a chance-
Please do not disallow her song and dance!


But once they hear her name-
Oh, they know who it is-
An eye to eye encounter,
With the blackest of lists!
They'll turn away in pity and an agony of pain-
"Oh, it's her", and in disgusted tones,,
They'll disregard her playing, play on.


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