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Runt Lyrics by Reisa L. Gerber


Runt by Reisa L. Gerber

Reisa L. Gerber

He wanted to find out what she's about,
But she got mad and she started to shout!
Now he can amke her feel warm inside,
But once they get together,
He'll ruin her life.

He's a runt, mama, mama,
But he's clean to the bone.
She runs wild and free in her dirty alones
He wanted to love her deep down in his dreams,
But illusions of love are not what they seem.
She goes tugging on an empty feeling, man,
But she can't get her act together-
But at least you know she was thinking at all
While she was walking down to work
At the Seven-Eleven
Rock on, everybody, rock on, rock on
Rock on, everybody, rock on.

She wants to imagine, "sweet boyfriend to me"
Even though she's a joke in this century,
He's a fragment of something deep down
In her soul-
How badly can she hurt him?
Some classy, you know, got to find a rhyme


But she'll tell you, she'll tell you-
She's worth all that hurt
'Cause when she has a best friend,
She'd give him that shirt-
Yeah, like, "Get off his back!!!"