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My Baby Brother Lyrics

My Baby Brother by Reisa L. Gerber  

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My Baby Brother My Baby Brother

My baby brother, I love him so.
Under the covers, I kiss him sweet and low.
Nighttime's the right time,
But anytime is cool.
My heart beats when our lips meet,
He's got such a groovy soul

Refrain: Sha la la la de da da da
Sha la la la de da da da
Sha la la la de da da da
Sha la la.

My baby brother, he's got a warming glow.
Out in the summer sun,
I see his beauty show.
We have a picnic, we take a ride-
He's gonna help me,
So I can come outside.

Sweet baby brother,
Please do not cry.
My heart is breaking, and only you know why.
People need freedom, like the flying dove.
Won't you help me spread the word
If you believe in love?

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