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Musical Diatribe Lyrics

Musical Diatribe by Reisa L. Gerber  

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Musical Diatribe It's the latest style, to use someone else-
In your musical diatribe.
But when i use the name-like a nickel or dime-
I'm the one who gets it-right between the eyes!
I never worked professional-
I never worked above board-
So forgive me in assuming that
I'd be "welcome", that you'd
"open up the door"...But instead, I guess you
"caught me", and I have to say "I'm sorry"-
What you do is your affair, what I do is say
"I goofed..."And if this is how you want it,
Forget about those old white lights!
I'm lucky to escape with a repetoire intact!!
I'm sorry to:
Madonna, and Van Halen, and I'm sorry to
The Rolling Stones, I'm sorry to Andrea Yates,
I'm sorry to Guns and Roses...and Janis
Joplin's memory...I'm sorry to The Pointer
Sisters, Robbie Robertson,I'm sorry to those
From "Fame", like I'm gonna live forever!
I'm sorry to Carly Simon, and most of all
John Mellencamp...and thanks for the
Inspiration, anyway...It's not too late to
Five Minute Manager, selection #3

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