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Lucky Stars Lyrics by Reisa L. Gerber


Lucky Stars by Reisa L. Gerber

Be the One {Judy's Wedding Song} 1984
Lucky Stars

Next, vacation time for a week or two!
From the first time that I saw you,
What a wonderful time!
I knew you were the one,

Who would take my soul to heaven,
I have hoped and I've prayed that someone good
Who would be my shining sun,
Will come,

Yes, I've wished it with all of my heart!
And I know those old lies,
Let me love you, let me love you,
Those hellos and goodbyes
Let me love you,
But I knew this was real from the start!
Be the one.

Every day I count my lucky stars
You looked at me with starlight,
Every day i sing it to the sun.
I froze right tothe floor,
After so many years of maving none, my love,
I wanted to be near you,
I have you.
Your heart I would adore-
When you walked in the room

I couldn't take my eyes away,
And each moment a look "I had to steal"

You really startled me, woke up a part of me,
We danced until the morning,
I never knew I could feel.
And I knew there was no doubt,
That I'd always have you near me,
one more lonely evening at the races
I'd never be without you.
Playing one more bet for one more dime.

But your love was the reason, the TIP of the

And now I'm a winner for all time!