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In Order To Make It Lyrics by Reisa L. Gerber


In Order To Make It by Reisa L. Gerber

In Order to Make It
Reisa L. Gerber
People have a tendency, they want to hide
This natural thing!
But it's a function of the race-
On satin trimmed with lace
Chorus: In Order to make it, yeah, yeah, yeah
In Order to Make it-
Baby, do it, do it, you've got a need
Yes, you have a need!
You try to walk away from it,
But you can't escape its thundering sound,
You just can't stop the process,
It's a very natural thing!
You can do it silently, and keep the knowledge
to yourself!
You have to "let it out",
What do they laugh about?
You've got a deadly shame upon your head-
SH!!!!!!! Keep it under cover!
Girl, you can't repress that-
It aint within your power!
You've got a nose to sniff it out
"Cutting one" with LOVE behind!
It's an innocent release-
It's the nature of the beast!