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Beat Down Inside Lyrics

Beat Down Inside by Reisa L. Gerber  

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Beat Down Inside Beat Down Inside

I came into my lovely own,
When I was four years old, at midnight...
And when I was two,
My mother told me,

"Calm down, and cool down,
And everything will be alright."
And my father told me the same thing.

China bull to dinner...and I loved some other...
And I hid and danced with her alone.
Couches and armchair, I bought us.
And I smoked a cigarette,
And I lied sometimes.

One day I bought a sixpack of winecoolers
And I broke it open.
I bought a room in a cheap motel,
And when I woke up the next morning,
I found out he had called my sister,
And told her everything.

Honey, dreams like that
Fall fast and hard in love,
Like milk, warm bread, cheese, applesauce,
And cinammon sticks...
Children can be so cruel.

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