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Another Sad Surprise Lyrics

Another Sad Surprise by Reisa L. Gerber  

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Another Sad Surprise Another Sad Surprise

I don't want a glass of water, but I want
To think-
My little sister sang that song
"It Aint Easy", but I don't want to sink

My conscience must be sleeping!
When you open it up,
It closes right back-
Like the zipper on a pair of
Turned off jeans,
Or a Venus fly trap!

Everytime I think of John, do la so la,
I feel a pang of regret-
I sit and watch him on a T.V. show,
It's the worst that it can get
{Don't wanna be, Don't wanna be,}
Your wannabe!

So how about if you go out
And come back-
And don't tell me what time-
And you don't know when you''
Overhear: another sad surprise,
Another sad surprise.

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