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Aint It Afroamerica Lyrics

Aint It Afroamerica by Reisa L. Gerber  

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Aint It Afroamerica Aint it Afroamerica

Ok....this may be a little too much....but...

Aint that Afroamerica
Where they mix the black and white
Aint that Afroamerica,
Where slavery is not.
Aint that Afroamerica,
My ticket to "apart...."{heid}
Aint that Afroamerica,
Where I lost my heart.

There's a brown man, mama, he is not black!
Why do they call him when he's not?
It's "spic and span" but there's a rule,
So ride your "kike" and go to school!

There's a "mick" and there's a "frog"
There's a "neo-nazi" dog!
Eichman stays in towers for life,
While Anne is showing dollar signs!

Aint it easy to say, "Man, I don't care..."
Aint it easy for a phony not to be there...
Aint it easy to skip that extra mile-
When you're walking home with honeychilld?
Aint that Afroamerica.....
Doesn't it make us all look like fools....
verses special names and special rules?
Thanks-Reisa L. Gerber

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