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Absurd Lyrics

Absurd by Reina Del Cid  

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Absurd It's a little absurd
But don't worry, I won't tell them
I just need time and patience
You mean so much to me and
I know I'll never relate but
I'll try so hard to understand you

I've been thinking 'bout what you said
I've been listening to my conscience and
I know that someday I'll be fine with it
Cause there's something about you now
It looks a lot like happiness
You look a lot like someone going home
After so, so long


This change of heart you had
It doesn't have to change everything
I'm always gonna hear you out

And to tell you the truth my friend
I think it's only gonna bring us closer
Cause I'm glad you want to let me in

Chorus (x2) then:
I wanna understand you (repeat)

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