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Regurgitate Lyrics Fuck The Goddamn World

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Fuck The Goddamn World

by Regurgitate. Buy album CD: Carnivorous Erection

Woke up the other morn
It was a perfect day
Picked up the news paper checked the front page
What it'd say.. 10 new wars today
No cause for dismay
Generally ok
Hip hooray...
Dragged on my kit gautier
Recycled plastic handmade yesterday
My face paled assailed by the tales of decay
Enthralled by the worldwide hop to the fray
Next page..
Things a getting better all the way
Another tanker blew it's load in the bay
Hey great..
What you'd call a small way lay
Just a couple hundred ton of crude on display..
Greasy.. time to move on no delay
Gimme the next headline just a byline away
New plague..
Somethin bout the coming of aids
Airborn.. now we got some trouble goin on..
Get down hell fuck the goddamn world
Ooee.. fixed myself a hot cup of tea
Sat back and relaxed clicked on the tv
Whatd you see.. popstars raw derriere
Shake the shit bare waxed legs in the air
Bluffin with the t and a fair
Aint nothin but a half baked muffin affair
The say sex sells when you got shit to say
O fuck please miss k put yo vag away
Porfane.. pop the damn dial make it change
From the pure purile to the plainly inane
Insane.. now i'm goinig outta my brain
From the b grade pain that i fail to refrain
It's the anthropological
Fly on the cubicle wall
With the universal casting call for all
The line between the real and the wrong
All gone..
Now we got some trouble goin on..
Here we go.. knocked on my clock radio
So i could get my piece of the say so
First row.. tickets to the blow by blow
Stereo.. mmm.. that show the shit flow
Explode.. just another eye for eye
Let you know.. whose god is booking the flights
Only one thing holely about a holy war
And that's the bullet - ridden bodies on the killin floor
But the wall street booms and everyone's paid
Cept the child who made my shoes for a dollar a day
I'm afraid..
Big biz has got your government played
Democracy rotten on a mad cow strain
Fast food chains have been feeding us brains
And remains cutting costs still the name of the game
Hate to rain on your parade but now the hunter is the prey
New dawn.. now we got some trouble goin on

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Album: Carnivorous Erection (2000) Lyrics
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